It’s a great place. You will love it. So here are some suggestions for making this successful for you.
For starters, get to know the market by letting us first show you the neighborhoods. They all have different flavors, personalities and prices. That’s part of what makes Key West so great and so exciting.
Buying homes in key west guide
During the tour, it’s important for us to get a good sense of what you really want before we start the specific search. We will help choose properties that fit you and not waste your time. Set your sights on what you can afford. But in Key West, expect you may have to go over to get all that you want.
It’s important to narrow your initial choices before you start visiting properties. With more than five you won’t remember what you saw. We’ll be able to zero in and suggest the right the property for you. However, if nothing floats your boat on the first five then a new list can be created.
But generally after five you will have narrowed it down to a choice of one or two.
We have done this many times. We once had a customer who had been looking for two years for a family house. After listening to the customer we understood what he wanted. We took him to a property that had not yet been listed. He was uncertain. The next day we took him back and he said, “I was giving up. You’re right.” An offer was written and accepted within 24 hrs.
That’s what we are talking about.
Cory and Jeffrey