You want to sell your home at the maximum price and you want a smooth, stress free closing. This is why your realtor’s knowledge, track record and experience are critical to a happy outcome.
Jeffrey and I have years of successful real estate sales between us. We know how to get it done. When you come to us, we’ll start by explaining the difference between your property and one that is comparable.  Properly setting expectations is important for all parties.
Up front have a certified inspector inspect the property so you know what has be dealt with to successfully close.  Paint and fix anything that needs it.  Appliances must at least be operable. Too many problems could hurt the selling price.
We recommend a storage unit for the listing period to store everything that is unnecessarily visible such as family photos, old newspapers, mail, bric-a-brac, things on kitchen counter tops, etc.   Reduce the clothes in the closets if they are stuffed.  An overstuffed closet might make a buyer think there isn’t enough space.
We can help stage your home. It’s worth spending a few dollars on an interior designer for a couple of hours.  Sometimes just moving a piece or two will make a big difference in how the house shows.  You want every room to look its best.
Above all, make sure all bushes and planters look fresh and neat, as well as any decking.  Have the house power washed.  Sounds like a lot, but it will pay off and will help get you the price you want.
Also make sure all permits previously opened on your house are closed.   A clean title helps ensure a very smooth transaction.
Follow our blog for more ideas and suggestions. Remember, we measure our success by your satisfaction.