CoryFebruary 2, 2015

Cory Held

Preferred Reality

Key West, FL 33040

Dear Cory

We wanted to take this time to thank you so much for the incredibly professional manner in which you accomplished the sale of our home in Key West.  As you know we faced some serious medical problems upon our return to our home in Key West in November.  Within days of our arrival we were packed up and headed back to New York.  Needless to say our plate was full when we got back North.  You and Jeff went into our house and prepared it for sale.  You showed it immediately and had a sale literally with in three days. Cory, you handled all the small details in the house that need tending to in order to complete the sale and closing.  In our opinion  you both went beyond the call of duty to complete all the details.

We sold our home and closed within weeks only because you were our realtor.  You offered all services a seller could imagine.  You never had to be asked to do anything, you offered before we could ask.  It is hard to believe we never had to return to the house as the buyers bought it turnkey.  Our personal effect were packed with your help and moved out.  Luckily things here are improving health wise but we are not able to return to Key West as residents.  You will always be in our hearts for taking charge when we needed it the most.  Our deepest gratitude.

Sincerely yours,

Lee Sider and Greg Stanton