florida keys real estateThe battle is on when looking for houses for sale in Florida Keys real estate. However, once you’ve found the home of your dreams, you enter into a whole other arena that consists of making a tentative deal with the homeowner and reaching the closing of the house.
Once you’re in this stage, you may experience some unforeseen circumstances you may be unsure how to deal with. Fortunately, buyer’s and seller’s rights are made specifically to help prevent you from making a big decision you may later regret.
That being said, here are a few frequently asked questions about buyer’s and seller’s rights you may find yourself asking when buying or selling a home in the Florida Keys real estate market.

As a homebuyer, what can I do if I don’t agree with the HOA contract?

When you sign an HOA contract, you’re agreeing to certain maintenance requirements and restrictions. However, your buyer’s rights do give you a voice in the contract.
Once you’ve had a chance to review the HOA contract, you have the ability to either sign the contract or you can back out. It should be noted that the homebuyer only has until the objection date within the contract in order to opt out of the contract. Every state, including Florida, has a grace period to allow you the proper time to review the contract.

As a home seller, can I look at other offers even after accepting one?

You’re able to look at other offers for your home even after accepting one. This sometimes happens if you were anxious to sell your home and so you accepted an offer at a lower price.
However, once you’re under a contract and you’ve officially signed off on the house, you’re obligated to sell the house to that homebuyer. Though, you areable to set something up with a second buyer should the first contract fall through.
A potential homebuyer will make an average of 11 searches online before they take any kind of action on a real estate website. You may experience this kind of hesitancy during the homebuying process as well.
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